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Adorable Pink or Black Kimono with a giant Satin Pink Bow.

This adorable Japanese Kimono is made of polyester.  It has a giant pink satin bow.  Great outfit when you and your dog sip tea or eat sushi. When you dress up, match your pooch with your outfit! That's the idea behind such pet items like this Japanese Dog Kimono. When you want to wear a kimono (or anything special), make sure your dog also looks the part with this set.

XS: Back Length: 21cm/   Neck: 20cm/  Chest: 32cm/

  S: Back Length: 25cm/   Neck: 22cm/   Chest: 33cm/

 M: Back Length: 30cm/ Neck: 25cm/  Chest: 38cm/

  L: Back Length: 33cm/   Neck: 28cm/  Chest: 44cm/

XL: Back Length: 36cm/   Neck: 33cm/  Chest: 51cm/