Designer Martingale Collar

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Nylon collar will tighten when a dog pulls on a lead, then relaxes when the pulling stops.  Martingale Dog Collars combine the convenience of an adjustable collar with added safety and control of a choke-style collar. Available in four stylish color choices.

Dog trainers and vets recommend this type of collar when a correction collar is needed. The martingale collar is fashioned after equine designs providing a form of a limited choke collar. The exceptional feature of a martingale collar is that the slip function can be limited to not over-choke your pet. To make the Cetacea martingale more practical than other brands we use a quick release buckle so that the collar can be put on or removed from your dog’s head without having to readjust the length.


 Small Adjustable Webbing/Chain Martingale, 5/8" wide 14-18" in length

 Medium Adjustable Webbing/Chain Martingale, 3/4" wide 15-20" in length

 Large Adjustable Chain Martingale, 1" wide 18-23" in length