Our Product Testers

Hi, my name is Oreo I am 5 years old, my mother is a pure boston terrier but sadly I do not know who my dad was.  I and my mom and brothers and sisters were abandoned in a house after we were born, we lived in a rescue shelter until we were old enough to leave.   I was adopted by my forever family when I was 6 months old, I love to run like the wind I even created a track for myself in the backyard for running on.  As you can see by my pictures because of all the running I do, I have become very lean and muscular the ladies love that and always comment on all my muscles.  My days are spent patrolling the backyard, keeping any intruders out, no one is allowed in my backyard without my owner’s approval.  I may seem like a tuff dog on the outside but I am really a big softy on the inside I love to sit and cuddle with my owners.  Oh one more thing I have an obsession with pinecones I love to chase them and eat them. 

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