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Hello everyone Bones is doing much better his jaw is all healed up.  Unfortunatly he will have cronic sinus and jaw problems.  We decided to adopt him into our home, which he is loving.  He is now 10 monts old and 70lbs and loves everyone. 

He has started training at Sit Means Sit Dog Training he loves it and is excelling at it,  during the Corona Virus pandemic we spent alot of time on it.  He loves playing with our other dogs and going to dog parks. just this last weekend he went to his first birthday party at Priceless Pet Rescue and had alot of fun.



In order to keep the stitches in we have been using a muzzle on Goodwin he doe not like it too much.  We were able to get the stitches to stay in for 2 weeks (longest they have stayed in) but then they came out, he has an overbite since his lower jaw is growing as he grows (he is now 6 months) but his upper jaw has not grown because of the surgeries. 

On Tuesday he went to see a specialist (oral surgen) to fix the problem with his jaw once and for all.  With all this going on he still has the sweetest disposition and trusts everyone.  He has learned several commands (sit, stay, lie down, shake, leave it and is learning the command watch me) he is very intelligent. He loves to go for walks with his brother and recently went on a hike with other dogs. 

We have decided to adopt Goodwin into our family (no more fostering). 



The New Year has been rough for Goodwin, the stitches in his mouth keep coming out.  The vet has stitched it back together 4 times we are hoping this will be the last time Goodwin is now wearing a muzzle to help keep everything out of his mouth.  With all this going on his spirits are high and he still has a loving goofy personality.  I have started training him and I am happy  to say that he knows Sit, Stay, Lie Down, off and shake. 


The week before Christmas Miracle found a new loving forever home with a  nice family. Her new family  has a one eyed cat and a bassat hound it was a perfect match.  Goodwin is still with us he had a great Christmas with us and received lots of presents, he follows our other dog Oreo around like he is his dad.  Today Goodwin went in to have another  surgery on his Jaw.  The vet has restricted him from putting anything in his mouth for the next week so his stitches can close.  He is on a liquid diet.  We have determined that Goodwin is now 6  months old.  This Journey  began in the first part of November.  With everythiing that the two have been through they remain happy loving puppies.  Goodwin favorite thing to do is give hugs with his huge paws. 


Currently we are fostering 2 black labs they are  4 months old and brother and sister.  They surrendered to a local shelter after being abused.   The brother Goodwin was so badley beaten that he had to have reconstructive jaw surgery, and the sister Miracle had to have her left eye removed.   They are happily and safely recovering at our house until they are ready to find forever loving families.  I will post and updates on there journey.

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